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ESAB India Limited started its operations in 1987 by acquiring the welding business of Peico Electronics & Electricals Limited (now Philips India Limited).

Oxy Fuel

  • Blowpipes

    • Cutting blowpipes
    • Welding blowpipes
    • HD heating blowpipe
    • Special length Cutogen 5 and NM250
    • Cutting attachment
    • Shank
    • Mixer

    ESAB also offers wide range of machine mounted cutters with maximum cutting capacity 25’’ to 60’’.

    CUTOGEN 5 Injector Cuttting 300 mm DURA 0-10, A-1.5
    NM250 Nozzle Mixing 300 mm DURA 0-10, A-1.5
    NM400 Nozzle Mixing 400 mm DURA 0-10, A-1.5
    SAFFIRE 2HP Equal Pressure Welding 10 mm DURA 0-2, A-1.5
    SAFFIRE LWHP L W Welding 2 mm 1OX13B, IDA 4B
    SPL LENGTH CUTTERS 900/12001800/3000 MM   1OX13B, DURA A-1.5
  • Nozzles and Tips

    ESAB offers the most comprehensive range of gas-welding and cutting equipment in the country, including state-of-the-art products such as nozzle-mixing cutters and lightweight cutters. Safety is the most important aspect of all ESAB products. ESAB’s focus on safety has made it the market leader in this segment.

    ESAB gas equipment is made in an ISO 9001/14001 certified factory in India. All the products manufactured are certified by ISI.

    Nozzle and Tips
  • Small Cutting Machines

    Special Features

    Easy to handle

    The machines are lightweight, and have a wraparound handle for easy portability and protection.


    Made of pressed steel with wraparound asbestos heat deflator.


    Using extendable tracks, these machines can produce straight cuts on any length, square or bevel edge. They can also be used for high precision cutting of circles and shapes with gradual curves in manual mode.

    Circle Cutting

    Can be done with the use of circle cutting attachment, supplied as an optional component. This can be easily attached to the machines by two screws.


    • PUG and CHEETAH : Injector type
    • PUG NM : Nozzle mixing type, incorporates the latest technology, much safer. Specially designed to prevent backfire.

    Cutter Adjustment

    • Can be swiveled to cut levels up to 45o with rack and pinion

    Fuel Gas

    Acetylene or LPG can be used by selecting the appropriate nozzles. Two nozzles for use with acetylene for cutting MS from 6mm to 100mm thickness supplied along with the machine. Other types and sizes are available as optional extras.


    Machines are fitted with 220 Volt fractional horse power, geared, reversible motors. Power is fed through a Forward-Off-Reverse toggle switch.


    1.8 meter long, Aluminium track (for PUG & PUG NM) or Steel Track (for Cheetah) can be supplied as an optional extra. As an alternative to Standard track, the PUG / PUG NM machines may be set to follow the edge of any straight piece of metal, 8x20mm.

    Cutting Capacity      
    Square Cuts Up to 75mm thick Mild Steel Up to 100mm thick Mild Steel Up to 150 mm thick Mild Steel
    Bevel Cuts (Up to 45o) Up to 50mm thick Mild Steel Up to 75mm thick Mild Steel Up to 100mm thick Mild Steel
    Circles 75-1140 mm diameter 75-1140 mm diameter 150-1140 mm diameter
    (Using standard circle cutting attachment, which can be supplied as an optional component.)
    Cutting Speed 200 - 800 mm/min 190 - 830 mm/min 120 - 400 mm/min
    Cutter IMC - 3 Injector type NM -Type IMC - 150 Injector Type (Separate Valve Block Mounting)
    Speed Control Rotary resistance Rotary resistance Solid State Circuitry
    Gas Hose Connections (For 5 mm hose) 1/4" BSP RH & LH 1/4" BSP RH & LH 1/4" BSP RH & LH
  • Regulators

    ESAB offers a complete range of regulators both in single stage as well as double stage design. All ESAB regulators are safe and reliable and are ISI certified and from an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified factory.

    Single stage regulators

    Neoprene diaphram flexible enough to provide stable flow of gases. Available for a variety of gases.

    Single Stage Regulators

    Double stage regulators

    A revolutionary design incorporating stainless steel diaphram in first stage to withstand the full shock of cylinder pressure and neoprene diaphram in 2nd stage. Models available are Dura series regulators for a wide range of gases.

    Double Stage Regulators

    Special Regulators

    Representing a true state-of-the-art design breakthrough, ESAB offers a wide range of regulators with maximum delivery pressure as high as 4000 psig and flow as high as 9000 lt/min.

    • ESAB offers full selection of S/Stage, D/Stage and line models with stainless steel bodies for use with toxic and / or corrosive gases or with high purity gases or non-corrosive laboratory gases and gas mixtures.
    • Esab offers high capacity regulators for all gases, where maximum downstream pressure fluctuation allowed is under 3% of rated delivery pressure when the unit is operating at 10% to 100% of capacity.
    Special Regulators
    Name Gas Type Regultor Type Desciption Max Inlet Pressure(BAR) Max Outlet Pressure(BAR) Max Flow LTR / MIN
    IOX 13C Oxygen Single stage O / SS / SG 200 10
    IOX 4C Oxygen Single stage A / SS / SG 200 1.5
    IOX 13B Oxygen Single stage O / SS / DG 200 10
    IDA 4B DA Single stage A / SS / DG 200 1.5
    IOX 14 Oxygen Single stage O / SS / DG 200 14 4200
    DURA 0-10 Oxygen Double stage O / DS / DG 230 10 1000
    DURA 0-2 Oxygen Double stage O / DS / DG 230 2 450
    DURA A-1.5 DA Double stage A / DS / DG 20 1.5 250
    DURA HYDROGEN Hdrogen Double stage H2 / DS / DG 230 10 3800
    DURA NITROGEN Nitrogen Double stage N2 / DS / DG 230 10 1000
    DURA ARGON Argon Double stage ARGON / DS / DG 230 25
    DURA CO2 CO2 Double stage CO2 / DS / DG 230 35
  • Flashback Arrestor

    Flash back arrestors - for gas welding installations

    • Multiple safety features
    • Precision-engineered to eliminate every possibility of explosion of fire caused by a flashback

    Available versions

    • Protex RA / RO : Regulator mounted flashback arrestor Acetylene/Propane and Oxygen respectively
    • FR-18 : A pair of torch mounted flash back arrestors
    • FR-63 : Flashback arrestor for pipelines (Acetylene service)
    Flashback Arrestor


    • Puts out the flame
      A high capacity Flame arresting element (Stainless Steel sintered element) effectively puts out the flame in case of full flashback. The filter capacity is large enough to ensure unobstructed flow of gas during normal operation.
    • Prevents reverse flow of gas
      A non-return valve fitted next to the filter element closes when the build of reverse pressure is equal to or greater than the pressure of the normal flow. Normally kept open by the force of normal flow, it opens again when reverse pressure stops.
    • Cut off gas in case of flashback
      A temperature sensitive cut-off valve cuts of gas before reaching ignition temperature in case of fire. A pressure wave will activate a positive valve lock, which prevents gases flowing forward to the point of ignition.

      In case of Protex RA/RO, following a flashback, the arrestor must be removed from the regulator or outlet point to reset by resetting the pop-up button.

      If the temperature sensitive cut-off has been activated, the Flashback arrestor has to be replaced.


    ESAB offers Dura Hose, a premium brand hose which far exceed IS 447 specifications. Sizes available are 8 mm and 10 mm. Standard hoses that conform to IS 447 are also available in sizes of 5mm, 8mm and 10mm. Bundles come in 50 m or 100 m lengths.

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