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Power Brushes for Industrial Applications

The unique capabilities of power brushes can provide solutions to many challenging production problems. Osborn engineers are a valuable resource to help optimize your process with power brushes – simply contact us to arrange for a free consultation.

Fill Materials
A wide range of fill materials are available in power brushes to provide just the right action on the workpiece:

  Wire – Wire brushes are ideal for heavy duty applications such as deburring, parting line removal, weld cleaning and weld prep, descaling, rust and paint removal, pipeline fitting and seam cleaning, hose skiving and rubber flash removal, wire stripping, spot facing, and more. Finer wire can be used for polishing and texturing.

High-tech-brushes with highly-abrasive nylon fill material are the cutting edge in brushing technology. They are best suited to precision part finishing applications such as deburring and edge radiusing. Brushing cells can be integrated in production lines to eliminate manual finishing operations. Brushes can be added to tool changers in CNC machining centers for automated in-place deburring. Robots can be fitted with chucked brushes to finish stationary parts, or they can utilize bench motor styles for fixtured part handling.

Other fibers – These kinds of brushes are used for special applications, such as chrome polishing, electrical contact cleaning, plastic flash removal, glass cleaning, and other jobs where wire or abrasive brushes are not appropriate.

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