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Osborn offers the widest assortment of road sweeping brushes such as sweeping sections, roller brushes as well as front and side brooms. A huge variety of design constructions, dimensions, fill materials, material dimensions and colors, densities and row configurations are available

Our portfolio helps you find almost any solution regardless of the sweeping machine you are using. If you do not find the exact description of the product you are looking for, please contact our Customer Support Department. They are going to help you finding and configuring the right solution for your individual requirements.

Sweeping Sections (rings)

Our sweeping sections are available with different sizes of polyproylene (PP) or steel wire fill material. The external diameters of the sections range from 300 mm (min.) to 915 mm (max.) and internal diameters from 2” (min.) to 18” (max.). Apart from the standard range also zig-zag and conical shape sections are available. A variety of different spacers made of plastic HDPE or galvanized steel help to assemble the sections according to your needs.

Among others our sections can be assembled on the following OEM’s machines: Ausa, Beam, Bema, Bemab, Bobcat, Brodd-Son, Bucher Schörling, Bunce, Caterpillar, Conquip, Craig, Datum, Dulevo, Eastern, Egholm, Elgin, Euro Implementos, Euromec, Faun, Geesink, Grandage, Hako, ICM, JCB, Johnston, Lacre PDE, Lebrero, Markham, MRE, Multicar, NC, Piquersa, Pulcar, Ravo, Scarab, Schwarze, Shelvoke, Sturdiluxe, Tennant, Terraco, etc.

Punched Roller Brushes

ur punched roller brushes contain a plastic HDPE core with different drive shapes (e.g. square, round, star). The fill material used is polypropylene (PP) or steel wire, either crimped or flat, in diameters from 0.45 mm up to 2.5 mm. Different fill patterns are also available. The external diameter of the roller brushes can vary between 200 mm (min.) and 900 mm (max.). A maximum brush length of 2,000 mm can be reached.

In case of polypropylene fill materials, the entire brush remains rust-free during usage and can be completely recycled after reaching its maximum life time. Another advantage of roller brushes is the quick change-over time. Once the brush is worn-out, it can be quickly replaced. However, the space for stocking and also the cost per piece is higher than using single sweeping sections. On the other hand, sections offer more flexibility to its users. Both solutions have their benefits and are chosen according to our customer’s individual requirements.

Our roller brushes are made to fit the following OEM’s machines: Agria, Ausa, Beam, Bema, Brodd-Son, Bucher Schörling, Caterpillar, Dulevo, Egholm, Elgin, Faun, Horal, Johnston, Limpar, Multicar, Scarab, Schmidt, Schwarze, Tennant, Tuchel and others.

Side and Front Brushes (gutter brooms)

Our front and side brushes are available with wood top plates, metal top rings and plastic top plates, either as molded or injected version. Top plate diameters range from 200 mm (min.) up to 760 mm (max.). Apart from fill materials as steel, flat steel and polypropylene also mixed filaments are offered.

Our front and side brushes are made to fit the following OEM’s machines: Applied, Ausa, Beam, Bema, Bemab, Bobcat, Brodd-Son, Bucher-Schörling, Bunce, Caterpillar, Conquip, Craig, Datum, Dulevo, Eastern, Egholm, Elgin, Faun, Hako, ICM, JCB, Johnston, Karcher, MRE, NC, Piquersa, Ravo, Scarab, Schmidt, Schwarze, Shelvoke, Tennant, Trilety, etc.

Weed Brushes

In addition to our extensive range of sections, punched rollers, front and side brushes, we also provide a considerable range of weed brushes, available in tube or thread design. They contain of steel rope, steel wire or PP tufts with one, two or three clamping rings.

While these clamping rings provide rigidity to the construction, the less flexible section around the clamping ring makes the fill material work aggressively

Besides the mentioned cable tufts, we also offer a lighter generation of weed brushes. This type of weed brush is characterized by lower vibrations and shaking effects, less brush weight, longer lifetime and higher sweeping speed and thus higher productivity.

Our weed brushes range from 160 mm (min.) to 340 mm (max.) in length and have a diameter between 16 and 20 mm.

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