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As we are, India No. 1 Distribution Partner for all Welding Products of Panasonic Welding Systems India and Globally No. 2 for Panasonic welding Robots, we proudly unfold our offer for Welding Products & Solutions Range.

Full Digital 350 GZ4

Full Digital CO2 / MAG Welding Equipment



Panasonic proposes a new revolution by CO2 / MAG welding method

Technical Specification

Rated input voltage(*1) V 380/415 VAC (Allowable fluctuation range: 342 VAC to 456 VAC)
Rated frequency Hz 50/60 Hz (Common)
Number of Phase - Number of Phase
Rated input kVA 17.7
kW 16.0
Maximum non-load voltage V 78 DC
Rated output current A 350
Rated output voltage V 36
Output current adjustable range A 30 - 350
Output voltage adjustable range V 12 - 36
Rated duty cycle % 60
Power control method - IGBT inverter type
Memory - 16-ch, reproducible storages
Applicable welding method - CO2 / MAG / Stainless steel MIG
Waveform control method - Digital control
Sequence - Main welding,
Main welding - Crater (“Crater repeat” is available),
Initial - Main welding - Crater (“Crater repeat” is available),
Applicable shielding gas - CO2 (100%),
MAG (80% argon and 20 % CO2)
Stainless steel MIG (98 % argon and 2 % oxygen)
Applicable wire size (diameter) (*2) mm 0.8, 0.9, 1.0, 1.2
Applicable wire material - Mild steel (MS)
Flux cored mild steel (MS-FCW)
Stainless steel
Flux cored stainless steel (SUS-FCW)
Pre-flow time S 0.0 - 10.0 (Increment of 0.1 second, continuous)
Post-flow time S 0.0 - 10.0 (Increment of 0.1 second, continuous)
Arc spot time S 0.3 - 10.0 (Increment of 0.1 second, continuous)
Input power terminal - Terminal block (for 3-phase, M5 bolting)
Output terminal - Copper terminal with M8 bolting
Dimension (Width x Depth x Height) mm (*: Input power terminal cover is not included in the depth.)
Mass Kg 61
International Protection code - IP21S (Indoor use only)
Protective class I

Full Digital 400 GT3

Full Digital Pulse MAG / MIG Welding Machine



GT3 makes full Digital technology closer to you by wide weldability and simple operation

High Welding Performance

400A rated output current enables higher duty cycle and higher speed welding than 350A model.

  • Duty Cycle 100% at 310A(350A model: 100% at 270A)
  • 400A rated output current improves the product efficiency.

High grade welding by GT Pulse Control

Smooth arc starting

  • Quick current startup at arc start time and uniformalization of the wire end shape at welding end time by new FTT control always assure stable smooth arc starting.

Sensitive control by Full Digital realizes soft and smooth arcing. Wide and stable acring adapted to welding sites.

  • High-accuracy wire feed by a motor with an encoder.
  • Same welding condition are accurately reproduced at any time and any point.

Simple Structure

Less control cables

  • Cable for remote controller is integrated into the control cable.

Key Features:

  • 400A rated output current enables higher duty Cycle and higher speed welding than 350A model.
    • Duty cycle1 00%a t 31OA (350A model: 1OO%at 27OA)
    • 400A rated output current improves the product efficiency
  • High grade welding by GT Pulse control
  • Wide variety of welding characteristic
    • Characteristic for 1.4mm wire (solid/FCw) is also included as standard equipment.
  • Simple operation by touch panel and remote controller
    • The layout of front panel is similar to conventional model.
    • GT can be operated simply like current model.
  • Accurate wire feeding by encoder motor
  • Less control cables
    • Cable for remote controller is integrated into the control cable.

Full Digital 350/500 GL3 Series

Full Digital 350/500 GY3 Series

Full Digital 350/500 GR3 Series

Full Digital CO2 / MAG / MIG Welding Machines


YD-350GR3 / YD-500GR3

Making full digital even closer to you!
Bringing Full Digital tech to as many customers as possible!

Full Digital GR3 Series

  • YD-350GR3
  • YD-500GR3

Key Features

  • Fully digital technology enables highly sensitive control and ensures soft and smooth arc.
  • Quick current startup and smooth arc start.
  • Nine-condition memory provided as standard feature. Easy-to-operate touch panel.
  • Network access enables remote monitoring.
  • In conjunction with Panasonic Robot Systems, weld efficiency and quality can be enhanced further.
  • High-accuracy wire feed.
  • Offers greater power saving, lower no-load consumption and preserves energy.

Technical Specification

Technical specification Units YD-350GR YD-500GR
Power control method - IGBT Inverter
Phase/Freq. No./Hz 3ph / 50-60
Rated input KVA/KW 14.5 / 14 23.3 / 22.4
Rated output current Amps 20-400 50-630
Rated Voltage Range Volts. 350 350
Rated output voltage Volts 31.5 39
Max. no-load voltage Volts 73 68
Adjustable current range Amps 30-430 60-550
Adjustable voltage range Volts 12-35.5 17-41.5

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