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As we are, India No. 1 Distribution Partner for all Welding Products of Panasonic Welding Systems India and Globally No. 2 for Panasonic welding Robots, we proudly unfold our offer for Welding Products & Solutions Range.

250/400/500 RX1

IGBT Digital+Inverter-controlled MIG/MAG Welding System

YD 400RX


Key Features

  • Inverter-based digital wave control GMAW and FCAW welding outfit.
  • Higher efficiency and higher power factor results in greater power saving.
  • Designed to work even under high ambient temperatures of 50°C.
  • Lightweight and compact MIG/MAG/FCAW welding outfit. Patented design of triple-tier and four cabinet.
  • RX 400 is manufactured as per Std. IEC 60974-1 :2000/GB 15579.1:2004.
  • Fresh tip treatment and burn-back time control are adjustable.
  • Works on 50/60 Hz frequency in power supply.

Technical Specification

Technical specification Units YD-400RX
Rated input Voltage Volts 415, +10%, -20%
Phase/Freq. No./Hz 3ph/50-60
Input KVA@ 60% dutycycle KVA/KW 16.2/15.6
Rated Current Range Amps 50-400
Rated Voltage Range Volts 16.5-35.5
Rated duty cycle % 60
Ingress Protection Class IP 23
Insulation Class H
Weight kg 52

MIG Welding Equipments - 350/500 FR1

Invertor Controlled CO2 / MAG Welding Machines


YD-350FR1 / YD-500FR1

Digital control technology provide supperior performance


  • Low power consumption ( 13.5kVA) at 350Amps 100% Duty Cycle
  • Power saving control is equipped , the cooling fan runs a few minutes after welding operation stops
  • IVF ( Panasonic patended technology ) for long distance operation with normal feeding force
  • Operation is simple as KR machine
  • Fine adjustment of Arc Characteristic ( both soft and hard arcs are obtainable, realizing optimum welding performance )
  • Memory function , 3 programs ( reproducible storages )
  • Arc spot welding available ( arc spot time - 0.3 to 10 sec )
  • Compact and lightweight ( 56kg)
  • Under-voltage and over voltage protections
  • Over current protection
  • Overheat protection
  • Phase absence protection
  • Management unit can expand the functions
    1. Limit welding current
    2. Lock welding parameters
    3. Set gas pre-flow and post-flow time
    4. Penetration depth control

Technical Specifications

    Specifications forYD-350FR1HGF Specifications for YD-500FR1HGF
Rated input voltage V 415V AC ( Allowable fluctuation range:332 to 456 V) 415 V AC (Allowable fluctuation range:332 to 456V)
Rated frequency Hz 50/60Hz(Common) 50/60Hz (Common)
Number of Phase 3-Phase 3-Phase
Rated input kVA 13.5 23.3
kW 13 22.4
Maximum non-load voltage V 70 DC 70 DC
Rated output current A 350 DC 500 DC
Rated output voltage V 31.5 DC 39 DC
Output current adjustable range A 40-430 60-550
Output voltage adjustable range V 16-35.5 17-41.5
Rated duty cycle % 60 100
Power control method - IGBT inverter type IGBT inverter type
Memory - 3 ch, reproducible storages 3 ch, reproducible storages
Applicable welding method - CO2, MAG CO2, MAG
Waveform control method - Digital control:7 (small) to +7 (large) (standard:0) Digital control:-7 (small) to + 7 ( large) ( Standard:0)
Sequence - Main welding, Main welding-Crater ("Crater repeat"is available), Arc spot Main Welding, Main welding-Crater ( Creater repeat" is available), Arc spot
Applicable shielding gas - CO2(100% ), MAG (80% argon and 20% CO2) CO2(100% ), MAG (80% argon and 20% CO2)
Applicable wire size (diameter) mm 0.8,1.0,1.2 MS 1.0, 1.2, 1.6
mm MS_FCW 1.2,1.4,1.6
Applicable wire material(Note) - Mild steel (MS) Flux cored mild steel (MS_FCW) ( Only for 1.2mm) Mild steel (MS) Flux cored mild steel ( MS_FCW)
Gas purge time - 1 second-1 minute / continuous 1 second-1 minute/continuous
Pre-flow time s 0.2s 0.2s
post-flow time s 0.2s 0.2s
Arc spot time s 0.3-10.0 ( Increment of 0.1) continuous 0.3-10.0 ( Increment of 0.1) continuous
Input power terminal - Terminal block (for 3-phase, M5 bolting) Terminal block ( for-3-phase, M5 bolting)
Output terminal - Copper terminal with M8 bolting Copper terminal with M8 bolting
Dimension ( Width x Depth x Height) mm 372X545X669 372X545X669
Mass kg. 56 62

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