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As we are, India No. 1 Distribution Partner for all Welding Products of Panasonic Welding Systems India and Globally No. 2 for Panasonic welding Robots, we proudly unfold our offer for Welding Products & Solutions Range.

250/400/500 KR2

Thyristor-controlled CO2 / MAG Welding System

KR2 500


The World’s Most Preferred and Reliable Fully Thyristorised MIG/MAG Welding System

Key Features

  • Synergic mode (Unified mode) is available for easy setting of current and voltage.
  • Fresh tip treatment and burn-back time control are adjustable.
  • Secondary short circuit protection is a standard function.
  • Arc sensitivity is selectable by changing the tap of the reactor. Crater current and crater voltage controls on front panel.
  • Crater selection switch, gas check switch, Solid/FCW selection switch, wire diameter selection switch are available on the front panel.
  • Works on 50/60 Hz frequency in power supply.

Technical Specification

Technical specification Units 250 KR2 350 KR2 400 KR2 500 KR2
Rated input Voltage Volts 415, +10%, -10%
Phase/Freq. No./Hz 3ph/50-60
Input KVA@ 60% duty cycle KVA/KW 9.5/7.9 18.1/16.2 21/19 31.9/28.1
Rated Current Range Amps 50-250 60-350 60-400 60-500
Rated Voltage Range Volts 15-27 16-36 16-39 16-45
Rated duty cycle % 60 50 60 60
Ingress Protection Class IP21S
Insulation Class H Class
Weight Kg 94 117 149 158


Thyristor-controlled MIG/MAG Welding System



Key Features

  • Ideal for long duration and high current welding applications.
  • Suitable for thick plate welding of heavy machinery.
  • Multi-function selector switch allows choice of MAG, manual welding and gouging.
  • Wide adjustable range of welding current.
  • Offers highly effective safety functions.
  • Wind-proof model available.
  • When Simple Unitary is selected, adjusting current automatically sets the voltage.
  • Mains compensation function enables power savings.

Technical Specification

Technical specification Units 600KH2
Rated input Voltage Volts 415 V
Phase/Freq. No./Hz 3ph/50-60
Input KVA@ 60% dutycycle KVA/KW 45/40
Rated Current Range Amps 60 - 600
Rated Voltage Range Volts 16 - 55
Rated duty cycle % 100
Ingress Protection Class IP 21S
Insulation Class H
Weight kg 232

Standard Model 500 CL5

Thyristor-controlled CO2 / MAG Welding Machine



Key Features

  • Specialized model with higher and superior performance.
  • Most Suitable for welding of large type of structures such as vessels, high – rise buildings and bridge
  • Output Cable can be lengthened upto 50m so as to meet the requirements of remote operation.
  • Gouging & Manual Welding are available (option required)
  • CL5 adopted a new type of short circuit protect technique which realizes ultra - low failure rate.

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