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Ralli Wolf

Ralliwolf tools are indigeneously manufactured and are ideally suited for conditions prevailing in India. Ralliwolf is the most time tested and trusted brand of tools and have proven their quality by sheer existence over past 5 decades.

Fractional Horse Power ( F.H.P.) Motors

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Power Tools

Ralliwolf is the pioneer and one of the largest manufacturers of Portable Power Tools in India. Started in 1959, the company has the following type of tools in its product range.

  • Drills
  • Cutters
  • Grinders
  • Others
  • Stands and Attachments

Fractional Horse Power ( F.H.P.) Motors - Overview

From portable electric tools to universal motors has been a natural extension, due to Ralliwolf's proven manufacturing strength. However, from universal motors to other motors has been a deliberate policy to locate new markets. Customised Design has been the main plank on which this thrust was launched. Ralliwolf has successfully custom built geared and ungeared motors for various switchgear manufacturers, whose technical collaborators were such illustrious names like SIEMENS, AEG, MERLIN & GERIN, UNILEC, Del Alsthom, English Electric etc. By and large, these were universal motors. The company has responded positively to the needs of various OEMs for a variety of motors in a multitude of industries. These needs included

  • needs which call for import substitution
  • needs for better technology substitutes
  • needs which demand multiple performance criteria.

Ralliwolf's current programme covers a wide range of geared/ungeared fractional and sub-fractional horsepower motors.

Ralliwolf Motor is a well known brand, the prime over of various critical areas like Power Plant / Sub Station Breaker, Servo Stabilizers, Equipment for Operation Theatre, Artificial respirator, Printing Machineries Blower for Car Air Conditioners, Car Wiper, Car Auto shutter, Diamond Cutter and many more. The best quality custom built PMDC, DC, AC and Universal motors are of 0.01 K.W to 1.00 K.w.(1 rpm to 25000 rpm) motors are being manufactured at our works.

Small Motors for every application

1. Circuit Breaker SPM 3/8/9/13/18/24/25/31/34/43/47/ SPM 57/62/63/67/72 UM4/15/18/25 UMG14/21
2. Switch Gear UMG5/27 SPM20/56
3. Equipment Cooling Purpose IMA15
4. Servo Stabilizer Artificial Reciprocator PMG20/26
5. Xerox Machine Developer CMG27B
6. Printing Machine SPM58/59
7. Welding Transformer SPM35/68
8. Stirrer Purpose SPM5/6
9. Ticket Punching Machine SPM1

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